Architect & Tech Professional

Practice Areas


Research to find and solve critical tasks using, design, programming and smart devices.


Minimalist and out-of-box and clear vision to transform the "thoughts" into reality.


With 200K+ Users on Google Play now working on a complex windows-desktop software.


Focusing on innovation on every step of building design, and software UI/UX design.

Product Design

Custom product design for interior design and smart gadgets.

Web development

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Hi, I’m Mazharul, This website represents an outlook of my interests and work-fields. Click the “Portfolio” link below to visit my online portfolio which is organized with some of my professional works.

I like to take challenges and solving technical problems on every aspects of every projects. Working on various professional fields with Research and Innovation in Architectural and technology related works.


Kazi Mazharul Hasan Khadem
+880 171 211 3613

"There is no floating values in between 1 and 0, sometimes it is better not to design it, leave it as it is"
Kazi Mazharul Hasan Khaem
Architect, UI / UX Designer